Green Thinking

GoGreen wants to make Green Thinking the daily standard in conservation. GoGreen seeks to introduce new approaches and technologies to the field of conservation and beyond, inspired by green developments in other areas of research and society.


With the new Green Deal and ever-increasing legislations and mandates, as well as personal agency and desire, the transition to a green future is imperative and imminent. The capacity of culture to contribute to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals is well known; for culture to advocate effectively, it must behave sustainably as a sector. GoGreen places conservation at the very heart of the change to a sustainable sector and mobilises conservators to take responsibility for the long-term impacts of their practice, and to advocate greener solutions and thus become leaders for a sustainable transition. Our position is that conservation must be green in order to be viable, and to fulfil its purpose of protecting and safeguarding the world’s heritage. To ensure that the professional standards of conservation and preservation of cultural heritage can be met in a green way, GoGreen aims to provide conservators with solutions to practice with lower energy consumption, less toxic materials, and fewer plastics. Conservation and conservation science have the resources and technological savoir faire to find, develop and implement solutions that maintain the standards of conservation while reducing or eliminating environmental impact. Now is therefore the time to take this pivotal step forward and develop conservation as a green practice. All that we need to do is join forces and act!