International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) stands as an exceptional advisory council comprising five eminent professional experts from the art conservation and industrial domains. The IAB provides advice with the goal of maximizing the GoGreen project's impact.

Dr. Bart Ankersmit

Senior Researcher
Cultural Heritage Laboratory
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Bart has been active in the development and dissemination of risk management and applied this approach to the risks caused by the indoor climate. In 2017 the book ‘Managing Indoor Climate Risks’(Springer) was published. Bart is active as a museum climate researcher / consultant trying to look for ways to make museums more sustainable.

Ms. Maggie Loubser

University of Pretoria, SA

In a career as an analytical chemist spanning three decades in the Mining and Manufacturing Industry, Maggi worked in government, academia, as well as industry and ran her own consulting company. At the beginning of 2019, she was appointed by the University of Pretoria to run the new Masters Programme in Tangible Heritage Conservation, so currently, she is teaching science to students with a humanities background to equip them to better understand the materials they work with in conservation and research of cultural heritage objects.

Dr. Jitte Flapper

R&D manager at AkzoNobel

Jitte Flapper works in the Innovation Group of AkzoNobel on the development of the next generations of paints and coatings. He has a PhD in Chemistry in the field of homogeneous catalysis and is a specialist in drying of oil-based paints.

Dr. Matthew Eckelman

Dr. Matthew Eckelman is an associate professor of environmental engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. He is the engineering lead of the Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage (STiCH) project and consults regularly on green chemistry and life cycle assessment.

Em. prof. dr. Norman Tennent

Emeritus Professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) since 2014. In 1975, he was appointed to establish a new conservation science section for Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries, where he remained till 1987 when he began a career as a freelance conservation science researcher, teacher and consultant. In 2009 he became the first full Professor of Conservation Science at UvA and since 2016 has been Visiting Conservation Scientist at The Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH) at the University of Texas at Dallas.