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The University of Bologna (UNIBO) is one of the largest and most active Italian universities in research and technology transfer in Italy. It stands among the most important institutions of higher education in EU with 87.590 enrolled students in 2020/21, 6.725 of which are International Students in 2020: 2.842 faculty members (Associate and Full Professors, Researchers), 1.232 research fellows, 1.631 PhDs students, 2,936 administrative and technicians’ staff units. The activities are implemented in 5 campuses based in Emilia-Romagna Region (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, Rimini) and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. UNIBO in a.a.2022/23 offers 50 PhD/Doctoral degree programs and 48 professional master programs of which 15 are International Master, 62 post-lauream Specialization Schools, 101 undergraduate and 151 graduate master program programs (87 international). According to QS World University Rankings, UNIBO is 167th, in the first 200 top world universities (1422 universities analyzed by QS), ranking 2nd in Italy, 67th in Europe, and 73rd worldwide and it is 1st in Italy and 20th in Europe according to the Academic Reputation Index. UNIBO is 1st Italian University and ranks 12th worldwide in the GreenMetric ranking in 2021. At EU level UNIBO ranks 2nd University in Italy and 37th in Europe for FP7 funded projects (EC 7th Monitoring Report). UNIBO has been involved in 275 projects funded in FP7 (87.7 Mil€ granted), 41 of which are PEOPLE projects, with 16 Individual Fellowships and 11 ITN (3 coordinated by UNIBO). In H2020, UNIBO is involved in 350 funded projects (150 Mil€ granted), among which 66 are MSCA funded projects with 24 Individual Fellowships (14 GF, 10 EF), 28 ITN (4 coordinated by UNIBO), 10 RISE (3 coordinated by UNIBO), 4 NIGHT (1 coordinated by UNIBO). In HORIZON EUROPE, UNIBO is involved in 44 funded projects (18 Mil€ granted), among which 11 are MSCA funded projects with 5 Postdoctoral Fellowships (2 GF, 3 EF), 6 Doctoral Networks (2 coordinated by UNIBO) and 1 MSCA-Citizens. At UNIBO, research activities are promoted, coordinated and supported by the 32 Scientific Departments and by the Research and Competitive Funding Division, with the support of the European Research Development and Projects & Programmes Sectors which has more than 15 years’ experience with European projects.


UNIBO will primarily be responsible for the development of innovative green cleaning materials for the cleaning of works or art whose performance are comparable or even superior to the traditional methods. They will also be in charge of the development of analytical protocols to assess the effects of the treatments on the work of art.

People involved in GoGreen project

Silvia Prati

Silvia Prati is Associate professor of Chemistry for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bologna. She is Deputy for the Didactic Activities, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bologna, member of the board of the Italian Society of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry and of the working party on Cultural Heritage of the Euchems. She is involved as PI of the UNIBO research group in national and international projects related to the field of chemistry applied to cultural heritage. Her research activities are related to the development of advanced analytical methods for the investigation of artistic and historical objects and of innovative materials for restoration. In particular she is involved in the setting up of methods based on the integration between hyperspectral spectroscopic techniques and advanced data processing elaboration and in the design and testing of new green materials for restoration which are respectful of the work of art, of the operator and of the environment.

Rocco Mazzeo

Rocco Mazzeo is currently Full professor of chemistry for cultural heritage at the University of Bologna where he is the head of the Microchemistry and Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL) and Director of the Organisational Unit (UOS) Ravenna of the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician”. He is also the founder of the international Master degree course (LM) in Science for the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage completely taught in English language. He has been coordinating many national and international projects among which the first European PhD in Science for conservation (EPISCON). He is currently Honorary Chair of the EuChemS (European Chemical Society) Working Party on Chemistry for cultural heritage.

Giorgia Sciutto

Giorgia Sciutto is a senior researcher in Chemistry for Cultural Heritage at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bologna. She received her PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2011 from the University of Bologna. Her research is mainly focused on spectroscopic analytical methods, hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics for the study of cultural heritage and on the development of innovative restoration materials. She is actively involved in National and International research projects, has been awarded as the Best Young Researcher in Analytical Spectroscopy by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society.

Maria Letizia Focarete

Maria Letizia Focarete is Full Professor of Science and Technology of Polymeric Materials at the Chemistry Department, University of Bologna, where she heads the Polymer Science and Biomaterials research group. She is Deputy Director of the Chemistry Department and a Member of the Academic Senate of the University of Bologna. The research interests concern the development of functional polymeric materials for applications in various fields, including the biomedical, cultural heritage, environmental, and energy sectors, through structure-property correlation and the use of innovative manufacturing technologies. M.L. Focarete is involved as PI in several national and international projects. H-index: 35 (Scopus).

Chiara Gualandi

Chiara Gualandi received her PhD degree in Industrial Chemistry in 2010 from the University of Bologna. She worked as post-doc at the Advanced Mechanics and Materials Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna. Currently, she is Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department (G. Ciamician), Bologna, Italy. Her expertise involves the structure-property relationships in polymers, copolymers and polymer blends and her research interests span from polymers for biomedical applications to stimuli-responsive and functional polymers, including mechano-responsive materials and shape-memory polymers. She is an expert of electrospinning technology to develop innovative functional advanced materials.

Emilio Catelli

Emilio Catelli is a Scientific Technician at the Department of Chemistry “G.Ciamician” of the University of Bologna, Italy. He earned an M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Bologna and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. His research interests focus on non-invasive and non-destructive spectroscopic techniques for investigating cultural heritage artifacts. During his six-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Microchemistry and Microscopy art Diagnostic laboratory (M2ADL) at the University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus, he specialized in developing chemometric approaches for processing hyperspectral imaging data.

Francesca Ramacciotti

Francesca Ramacciotti is a post-doc researcher at the Chemistry Department “G. Ciamician” of the University of Bologna.From 2019 to 2023 she was a PhD student in Environmental and Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna. Her main research focus was on the development and testing of micro and nano-structured materials for the cleaning of works of art. Specifically, the methods she developed aimed at removing aged varnish from paintings and spray paint over-paintings from contemporary mural paintings.

Burcu Keser

Burcu Keser is a PhD candidate at University of Bologna in Chemistry Department. Her research focuses on the development of the green systems for the cleaning of cultural heritage assets. She works in collaboration with another participant of GoGreen project, which is SAATI S.P.A, where the green nanofibrous materials for the cleaning of the artworks will be developed. She obtained a master’s degree in Science and the Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage program from Sapienza University of Rome. Moreover, she holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry obtained from Istanbul Technical University.