SAATI is a worldwide company developing producing and selling technical textiles and membranes for screen printing, filtration and protection/ballistic application. Within the filtration division, SAATI is active in several markets like water filtration, medical market, consumer electronics, automotive, process filtration and product gamma is based on polymeric monofilament high precision meshes and polymeric membranes, offering a great variety of filtration media made of different polymers and with pore sizes ranging from 0,0xum up to 1000um. For protection/ballistic application SAATI sale dry and impregnated fabrics, based on pararamid fibers and thermoplastic and thermoset resin, used for personal protection and soft armouring.


The collaboration with SAATI will be of utmost importance to design and realize carrier systems for tailored application, a formative component of task 3.3. Innovative methods obtained from renewable resources (biopolymers obtained from bacteria or biomasses, solvents obtained from biomasses) or by recycling will be selected starting from the research activities already carried out by the partners and after a bibliographic survey in which the most recent papers related to the development of green materials for cleaning will be considered. The effectiveness of these methods will be tested on the same testsystems and with the same analytical protocols developed for T3.1 and T3.2. Based on the results achieved, the selected methods will be further improved to increase their performance, for instance by changing the morphology or the micro-nano structure of the carrier or the nature and concentration of the solvent. This task will also look at the optimisation of handling and application methods involving the expert end user panel.

Carmine Lucignano

Carmine Lucignano has been working at SAATI since 2012, is currently head of innovation of product and process. He is a Mechanical engineer, PhD in Materials Engineering. His background is on polymer science and engineering, mesh weaving and finishing, membranes manufacturing and  in general polymeric materials thermomechanical characterization and processing.

He is an expert in air and liquid filtration. He is an author of international scientific papers, he has contributed to scientific books editing and is an inventor of several patents.